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Commercial Fire Damaged Needs to Handled By Professionals

11/5/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damaged Needs to Handled By Professionals

When commercial fire damage strikes, many business owners are often utterly shocked. While fire suppression methods such as a fire sprinkler system are commonly used to help combat an electrical fire or utility room fire, such efforts may not work. Many rooms in the business can have soot damage and smoke damage. The fire suppression methods to squelch the electrical fire may not have worked. Commercial fire damage may have spread from a small utility room fire to other areas of the business. In that case, it is best to seek professional fire restoration help as soon as possible. Professionals such as a firefighter can help put out the initial flames with their fire hose. Other professionals need to be called in as well after the fire damage has taken place. A professional restoration company can offer many varied services after the fire truck has left the grounds of the business.

Soot Damage

Soot is the remains of a fire. Soot damage can happen as the firefighter is putting out the fire with the fire hose. A fire truck can also bring soot across many places. The firefighter and fire hose along with the fire truck may drag lots of soot from an electrical fire into other areas of the business. Soot is highly dangerous. It can also cling to the fire truck and wind up on varied outdoor spaces including the business owner's car. A professional fire restoration company can help with soot damage to all areas of the property. A fire sprinkler system may also have spread soot to other parts of the property as well. The fire sprinkler system may have gone off and caused water with soot particles to spread into many different areas in the business. A professional company dedicated to fire restoration efforts can come inside and clean out all spaces that have such fire damage.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage from a utility room fire is common. An electrical fire may have caused problems that spread smoke from a single room to other areas including common areas where important business takes place. The utility room fire may have started smoke that gets into other areas as well. It's important to consult with a fire restoration company in order to assess the extent of the smoke damage in the entire space. A fire sprinkler system may have helped put out the fire when it started but there can be other areas that have fire damage that is not obvious even after a complete walk through. Commercial fire damage from smoke needs professionals who know how best to react to it.

Other Kinds of Damage

While fire suppression methods can be effective at helping put out the fire, such fire suppression methods can cause additional damage. Commercial fire damage may also include water damage after water was used all over the space to get rid of the fire. Some fires require the use of extensive chemicals to be put out. In that case, such chemicals can leave dangerous traces of chemicals on many surfaces inside of the space. These chemicals need to cleaned up by a professional service. They should not be left in the space after the fire. A professional service can clean up every single area that was touched in some way by these chemicals and make sure that no traces remain anywhere. They can also point out that some items in the space may be too damaged by the chemicals and will need be cleaned again or thrown out entirely in order to be safe. Many other kinds of other damage can linger after the fire is no longer burning. It's best to work closely with professionals to make sure the entire space is completely free of all fire damage.
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Restoring a Fire Damaged Property the Professional Way

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Restoring a Fire Damaged Property the Professional Way

Fire damage ranks as the single largest cause of property damage and loss in the United States. With more than $350 billion each year lost to fire damage, it is the one disaster that will probably affect just about every property owner at some point in their lives.

But fire damage doesn't have to spell the end of your property. With the right fire damage restoration procedures, it is usually possible to completely restore most properties where the fire has been contained. Modern fire damage restoration techniques may even be used to restore properties that have experienced extensive damage, including widespread soot damage, smoke damage and a strong and ubiquitous smoke smell.

The most important thing to know in the event of fire damage to your property is that the fire damage restoration process can only be carried out by a professional restoration company. Once you have been given the go-ahead by the fire department, the first call you should make should always be to your local fire damage restoration company.

Make sure the fire department signs off, then call your local restoration company

It should be emphasized that you should never enter a premises where the fire department has been called to put out a fire without first getting their explicit permission to do so. Even as you reenter, always be mindful of areas where the structure could have been compromised. If possible, you should not enter the property again until you've called your local restoration company and they have sent an inspector to evaluate the structural integrity of the building.

When the restoration company inspector arrives, they will take a full survey of the extent of the fire in the home or fire in the business. They will note what portions of the structure have merely suffered smoke damage, soot damage and a pervasive smoke smell. They will also note what portions of the structure need to be completely replaced.

Next, the restoration team will arrive to begin mitigating the effects of the fire in the home or fire in the business. Using special air tools that can spray sodium bicarbonate at high speeds, they will begin the elimination of smoke damage and soot damage from all surfaces. This may involve the removal of nearly all cupboards, drywall and paint from any rooms affected. If the damage is limited to smoke damage and soot damage, the room will probably be able to be restored with a minimum of material replacement. But if the fire in the home or fire in the business has caused a great deal of structural damage to a room, a complete reconstruction may be necessary.

The next step in the fire cleanup process will be to encapsulate the smoke smell using special paint. The heavy, latex-based paint is specially designed to cover up areas that have absorbed smoke, trapping the molecules within the materials and eliminating the smoke smell.

The board up of the home or business

Another important part of the fire cleanup process that is often overlooked is the board up. Even if you feel you can handle the board up yourself, it is always best to get a team of fire cleanup professionals on scene to carry out this crucial task.

Once there is a fire in a home or fire in a business, it is absolutely imperative to make sure that no water is allowed to seep in or directly enter through holes in the roof. Many structures that have experienced only minor fire damage to roofs have been subsequently destroyed by water entering the property. A well-executed board up will prevent this.

Commercial fire damage

Commercial fire damage has its own, unique fire cleanup implications. Commercial fire damage can often affect expensive equipment and business inventories. With prompt action by professionals, office equipment, such as copiers and computers, can often be saved. Even more than damage to homes, commercial fire damage requires the swift intervention of professionals to ensure good outcomes.
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Professional Storm Damage Restoration after Brutal, Strong Hurricanes

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Professional Storm Damage Restoration after Brutal, Strong Hurricanes

Severe wind damage can occur in your home without warning and wreck havoc on real estate property. Typically, hurricane damage and wind damage fell trees. The sheer brute force of storm damage leaves behind ripped off roofs, frozen pipes, or ruined siding.

Emergency Crews for River Flooding, Storm Remediation, and Roof Repair

When you suffer storm damage, urgent home restoration and storm remediation is necessary to mitigate against secondary destruction to building structures. It is likely that the hail and wind damage will affect drywall, ceilings, and attic insulation. The first step the storm restoration technicians embark on is using tarping and board up exercises to stop any roof leak that leads to further water damage, rot on ceilings, and mold growth. 24-hour hurricane damage response team can provide a temporary relief and roof repair especially the flooding caused by roof leak until a comprehensive structural damage, and roof repair happen.

Features needing Storm Restoration

Water restoration services using a water pump become essential after hurricane damage. The potential for flooding in homes because the ground water level rises is real always. Flood water sometimes enters houses when ice dams form on the destroyed roof. Luckily, water restoration experts using a flood pump and dehumidifiers can ensure the storm remediation includes the removal of flood water.

Flooding is one of the consequences of storm damage. Water restoration that rely on a flood pump must extend to sealing any roof leak and the points through which flood water can get inside your house. A flood pump is crucial in the water restoration exercise if your home suffers the effects of river flooding.

How Home Restoration and Storm Remediation. Experts can Help

Tropical storms and hurricane damage technicians are quite helpful during the home restoration process in several ways.

• Devise ways that prevent future indoor water damage river flooding.

• Help in roof damage repairs caused by wind damage.

• Foolproof the basement against ground water damage.

• Offer skilled water restoration services.

• Spot the problematic plumbing systems especially any frozen pipes.

• Replace frozen pipes and remove ice dams.

Roof Damage Repair and Storm Restoration

Wind damage may cause a roof leak. The failure to repair the roof damage can result in flooding as rainwater will slowly seep into your home. You need to consult a roof damage repair professional to look into the areas allowing ice damming. If the hail damage happens during winter, consult a storm damage company immediately because the damage will eventually lead to high-cost roof repair. Quick repairs of a roof leak ensure successful storm remediation.

Flooding in Homes after Flood Water Runs Wild

Water damage is never an issue you should ignore. Using a high-capacity flood pump to rid of the flood water from buildings suffering storm damage is an important step in home restoration. During the it storm restoration efforts, will help to build barriers around the home to prevent further flood water getting into your house again. You must also discuss with the storm remediation staff how to stop the effects of flooding or ground water that runs wild from causing water damage in future.

Devastating Effects of Hail Damage

Hail damage happens because the formation of hails stones forcefully hit your house and contribute to extensive roof damage or a leaf leak on several house cover spots. When thunderstorms make the temperatures to decrease and water droplets to freeze, heavy hailstorms can form. The low temperatures are one of the factors why ice dams build up on the roof.
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Types of Water Damage Caused by Dirty Water

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Types of Water Damage Caused by Dirty Water

Many people look at water in a home or water in a business in the same way. Whether caused by a supply line break, another pipe break or flooding, they think that all the water they see is exactly the same. A restoration company that specializes in flood damage can help those owners understand that there is both clean water and dirty water. Knowing what dirty water is and the types of water damage it can do can help owners know whether to call for restoration or mitigation help.

What is Dirty Water?

Before starting the water cleanup process and using any type of drying method in a flooded home, the restoration company will first determine if the water is dirty or clean. Dirty water is any type of water with contaminants. A good example of dirty water is the water in a home or the water in a business seen after a supply line break. With a supply line break, that water can mix with sewage and run off from the sewer lines.

Drying Methods

Working with restoration and mitigation professionals is especially important when doing dirty water cleanup because the drying methods used on other jobs are potentially dangerous. The fans usually used to reduce the effects of water damage can spread the dirty water around the house or business and damage other parts of the building. Those fans can also allow mold spores to spread faster than they otherwise would. Water cleanup professionals will use other drying methods to dry items in the building.

No Spreading

With ordinary flood damage, restoration experts can walk around the home without worrying about spreading contaminants from one room to the next. They cannot do the same thing when working in a flooded home with dirty water. The water in a home that builds up after a pipe break may contain particles of feces and other particles that are easy to spread. Mitigation professionals will wear gear to protect their bodies and faces and work in just one room at a time. They can even change clothing before moving to another room.

Removal of Contaminated Objects

One thing that property owners may not think about when dealing with water in a business or water in a home is what to do with any contaminated objects. Anything that comes into contact with that dirty water becomes a potential hazard. This includes clothing, furniture, stuffed animals, books and food in the kitchen. Any food left out in the open during a pipe break is now dirty. Flood damage professionals will identify the contaminated objects and throw those objects out in a safe manner that prevents others from coming into contact with or using those items. This is especially important after a flood leaves behind water in a business because the owner will not want anyone to use their discards.

Water Type

While examining a flooded home, restoration company techs will identify the type of water in the home. Dirty water sometimes goes by the name of black water because the water can mix with oil or other liquids and develop a dark black sheen. A pipe break or a supply line break is an example of black water. Gray water usually comes from appliances like dishwashers and washing machines and can both cause flood damage and be dangerous. As owners cannot identify clean water from gray or black water, they need to call in professionals who can.

Restoration and mitigation professionals have a deep understanding of water damage. They know which drying methods they can use in a flooded home based on the top of water that puddles on the ground. These professionals also know how to handle different types of water damage and which water cleanup methods work the best. An honest restoration company can cleanup that damage in as little time as possible. Visit for more information on water damage.

The Wisdom of Hiring Experts in Fire Restoration Services

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

The Wisdom of Hiring Experts in Fire Restoration Services

Fire in business premises can wreak havoc on a company. Even though commercial buildings have safety measures like a fire hose, fire suppression, and fire sprinkler system, they may not be enough to contain the fire damage. Imagine the consequences of losing even half of the inventory, the soot damage to a commercial building, and the downtime of waiting for the firefighter then the cleanup to be complete.

Without professionals to handle the smoke damage and other consequences of the fire, a business may never be ready to get back to normal. Regardless of how small the incident is, one should never belittle the after effects and get an expert to conduct a proper analysis immediately the firefighter service is done. A professional fire restoration company is a necessary investment for several reasons.

Systematic Fire Damage Cleanup

When the fire truck has left the scene, and the destruction manifests itself, a business owner may feel overwhelmed with no idea of where to start. One plus point of working with a fire restoration company is that technicians have a process for cleaning up after an electrical fire, utility room fire, or any other kind of accident. When the safety of workers and equipment is at stake, companies cannot wing their way through commercial fire damage restoration. Fire damage experts begin with inspections, which include evaluating the structural soundness of the building to determine the degree of restoration needed. They will look at the soot damage and smoke damage, proceed with the cleanup followed by the required repairs. A methodical approach to fixing commercial fire damage reduces the time technicians spend on the process.

Focus on the Business

Just because a building is not safe to work in any more or half the stock is gone doesn’t mean a company should stop providing services. One reaction to recovering from commercial fire damage is to keep the essential operations going. With a professional fire restoration team handling the cleanup and clearing the soot damage, employees are left free to cater to customer needs. It may be necessary to outsource some functions, but that offers an opportunity to maintain the client base until the experts can a restore the place of business after an electrical fire.

Improve Fire Preventative Measures

Fires in commercial buildings can be a result of any number of things. A utility room fire can be caused by improper storage of flammable liquids. An electrical fire may be due to faulty electrical equipment. A firefighter can point out some of the fire risks a building is exposed to like a worn out fire hose or outdated fire suppression and fire sprinkler system. Restoration technicians can advise how to improve safety measures like upgrading the fire suppression and fire sprinkler system, installing a new fire hose, or making a commercial building more accessible to a fire truck.

Minimize Damage and Costs

Failure to get a professional restoration service can aggravate the damage that an enterprise suffers after a utility room fire or electrical fire. Soot damage and smoke damage are some of the most dangerous elements to watch out for after the fire truck and firefighter have cleared the premises. Even after the fire dies, smoke lingers in a building and seeps into every corner the longer it stays without removal. Soot, ash, and smoke will ruin upholstery, carpeting, flooring, and walls. Fire damage cleanup companies use advanced techniques, tools, and products to fix different types of damages. Effective restoration after commercial fire damage ensures that problems don’t arise later which may cost more money to repair.

Once the fire truck has cleared the location of a commercial fire damage, the next call should be to fire restoration experts. Besides cleaning up the soot and smoke, technicians will guarantee the building adheres to safety standards by ensuring that the fire suppression, fire hose, and fire sprinkler system are up to code. Whether it’s a factory or utility room fire, experienced restoration experts can deal with the smoke damage, carpet cleaning, and repairs.
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Is it Time to Call a Professional Storm Damage Company? Here's How to Tell

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Is it Time to Call a Professional Storm Damage Company? Here's How to Tell

Dealing with flooding, storm damage, roof damage, wind damage, or standing ground water can be a nightmare. After sinking time, money, and energy into creating the perfect business, the last thing you want to find after a storm is ground water or a roof leak. Unfortunately, many businesses find that after a period of flooding in their area, storm damage to their building can be quite difficult to manage. They may discover roof damage or a roof leak, or even standing ground water in the building. Fortunately, a professional storm damage repair company can help. Here's how to determine it's time to call a professional.

Flood Water

River flooding can affect more than just your lawn. Unfortunately, river flooding can quickly accumulate in your basement or even your main floor. If you experience river flooding in your area and notice standing flood water in your building, it's time to get professional help for your river flooding.

Water restoration services may include using a flood pump to remove flood water from your building. Your storm restoration professional may be able to utilize their flood pump to improve the appearance of your building. A flood pump is just the first step your storm restoration expert may take. After the flood pump removes the water from your building, you'll need to ensure you follow all of the appropriate steps for water restoration to avoid further problems.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricane damage can include flooding, wind damage, roof damage, and roof leaks. Roof repair is one of the most common issues you'll face after a hurricane. It doesn't take much to cause damage to your roof, and roof repair is an essential part of home restoration after hurricane damage. If you notice flooding in your home or business, ground water, flood water, wind damage, or a roof leak, it's time to get professional help. A roof leak is especially important to fix quickly. Roof damage and wind damage on the exterior of your home can lead to further problems down the line, including mold growth, and should be addressed quickly.

Ice Damage

Unfortunately, wind damage and river flooding aren't the only problems facing home and business owners. Even if you've faced a recent roof repair, keep in mind that storm restoration can include managing ice damming and frozen pipes. Ice damming occurs when ice freezes at the edge of your roof and the water can't drain. An ice dam can cause incredible roof repair issues. An ice dam is something many home restoration professionals are ready to deal with. Ice damming can happen whether you've dealt with an ice dam before or not. If you want to minimize the home restoration required on your building, make sure you understand ice damming and talk with your storm restoration expert on how to avoid an ice dam.

Hail Damage

Dealing with hurricane damage, ice damage, and frozen pipes is tricky enough, but hail damage is also a problem your home restoration expert can help with. Hail damage can cause a variety of problems and often accompanies frozen pipes and ice damage. Ice damage, hail damage, and frozen pipes can affect both the interior and exterior of your house, so talk with a professional who understands storm remediation.

Whether you've been dealing with water restoration or another problem facing your home and business, it's time to talk with someone who can help you with storm remediation. This includes assessing the damage done to your house and creating a plan for recovery and storm remediation. Never feel like you have to face the challenges of storm damage alone. The right professional can help your business quickly recover from physical damage with water restoration and storm remediation. Visit for more information on storm damage.

Here We Grow Again

3/3/2016 (Permalink)

Community Here We Grow Again Always on the go to make it.... Like it never happened.

Here We Grow Again

We are currently hiring a Project Estimator.

Do you love helping people through difficult situations?

Then, don’t miss your chance to join our Franchise as a new Administrative Assistant. In this position you will be making a difference each and every day. We have a sincere drive towards the goal of helping make fire and water damage “Like it never even happened”!

We’re seeking someone who is great on the phone, who has excellent analytical skills, and who is a serious multi-tasker. If you are self-motivated and have superb interpersonal skills, then you’ll thrive in this work environment. Our idea of the ultimate candidate is one who is proactive, is experienced, truly enjoys providing superior service, and loves taking ownership. Are you highly dependable and excited about routinely exceeding expectations? Then you may be our perfect hero!

As a valued SERVPRO® Franchise employee, you will receive a competitive pay rate with opportunity to learn and grow.

Primary Responsibilities

·         Provide excellent customer service

·         Send out email and written correspondence

·         Complete internal job file quality reviews

·         Meet crucial deadlines

·         Prepare estimates and billing invoices

·         Participate in coordinating crew and job scheduling

·         Assist other departments, as needed

Position Requirements

·         2+ year(s) of administrative or office-related experience

·         Experience with billing, quality assurance, and scheduling in the service industry a plus

·         Proficiency using Xactimate® or the demonstrated ability to quickly learn the software

·         Polite, confident, and excellent customer service skills, including listening and questioning skills

·         Excellent organizational skills and strong attention to detail

·         Minimum of HSD/GED preferred

·         Ability to successfully complete a background check subject to applicable law

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Pay Rate

Competitive pay based on experience.

TO APPLY:  E-mail your resume, along with salary history, to:

                                SERVPRO® of Slidell and SERVPRO® of The New Orleans West Bank are an EOE M/F/D/V employer

What Do You Do When Your Business Has Smoke Damage From Someone Else's Fire?

1/27/2016 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Do You Do When Your Business Has Smoke Damage From Someone Else's Fire? Six alarm fire on Canal St, New Orleans Louisiana.

It's eight in the morning on a Wednesday, you are trying to get to work, but traffic is making you late, then you hear on the radio "...a six alarm fire has broken out on Canal St, fire department is on the scene suppressing the fire..." Now you think to yourself, "Oh great, now I'm going to be late to work, but I know it wasn't my building because I wasn't notified and my smoke detectors didn't go off".  Then you arrive to discover the lobby of your business is clouded lightly with smoke, your building smells, and your furniture and inventory have a layer of soot.  What do you do?

Call SERVPRO of Slidell to clean up the mess.  Our friendly staff is available 24/7 to help you get your business back running.  We specialize in restoring your property to get you back to what you do best.

  • Smoke odor in your Office?  Let us deodorize your building and bring back your clients.
  • Soot on your shelves?  Our staff can quickly clean your surfaces of soot to make your office shine like new.
  • Smoke stains on your walls?  Let us restore your office back to when it was freshly painted.
  • With SERVPRO of Slidell at your side, it will be “Like it never even happened”.