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Tourism in Slidell Remains Rich and Vibrant because of Our Region’s Diverse and Complex Ecosystem

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

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The Health of the Water in Our Swamp, Bayous, and the Pearl River Plays a Crucial Role in Slidell’s Economy

Many factors affect the condition of our waterways. Too little rain from Mississippi means saline levels increase. Changes in saline levels can affect any newly germinated fauna by either stunted growth or plant death. Without new plants, younger animals, including newly hatched alligators, have no place to hide as they grow large enough to move into more open waters. 

The lack of newer plants also affects the insect population, which greatly affects the smaller-sized animals that live near the shores of the Pearl River and along bayous in the swamp. The wild boar, eagles, kingfishers, snakes, rodents, and other animals all depend on each other’s survival and vitality.

Saline levels are only one of the many variables that play a part in how healthy our swampland is at any given time. Other things that can affect the water include

  • Hurricanes, especially when they cause oil and gas to leak from any sized container,
  • Boat traffic, particularly those leaking fuel or speeding in posted areas,
  • Home maintenance and littering.

While there is nothing we can do about hurricanes, we can stay vigilant about only storing fuel and oil in containers with tightly fitting caps and lids. The same goes for insecticides and other chemicals that can cause problems for the environment. Even small amounts of gas or oil left in metal containers can leak if exposed to rain or damp conditions. Small amounts do accumulate, and rain pushes this into the bayou’s water. Draining such containers and then recycling them is a much better approach.

The Start of the Tourist Industry 

Annie Miller, a Black Bayou native, started the environmental awareness that helps protect our region today. Also referred to as Alligator Annie, this wise Louisiana lady started the tours that continue raising awareness of ecology, as well as helping keep the local economy strong. She knew different alligators and gave them names, to which they responded. Tour guides continue this practice and they know where favorite alligators like to warm up in some sun rays. 

Not only did Annie start the first tour boat business in the area, but she also trapped animals for sale to zoos and conservatories. She never trapped too many, which would leave areas devoid of adequate wildlife, but instead made sure that there were sufficient snakes and other species to continue breeding. Without the animals living abundantly in our swamp and bayous, our tour industry suffers alongside the wildlife. 

One thing about alligators in the area that many might not realize is that the smaller-sized ones can climb up trees that lean a bit. It is quite unusual and rarely seen, but happens when the ground does not provide enough surface for sunning themselves. They do not do this to land on people passing underneath or to hunt as a kingfisher might. However, they rarely climb back down the way they came up the tree. Instead, they slide off and enter the water below.

Keeping Boats in Good Condition Pays Off and Protects Our Environment

Slow-moving boats require ongoing maintenance to keep oil leaks from occurring. Part of the maintenance boats require also keeps them in pristine condition. Tourists dislike getting into a swampy-feeling boat, even if the tour involves entering the swamp. 

Cleaning out any water splashed inside, rain, and mud not only keeps things clean and reduces odors, but it keeps things safer, too. Despite their constant use on the water, boats can sustain water damage. Preventative care costs much less and requires only a small amount of effort compared to the cost of repairs. 

Both Negative and Positive Activities can Damage the Swamp

Maintaining your home near the water, both inside and around your lawn, often requires chemicals to clean, de-rust, and refinish different items. Soaps and detergents can affect the water not only as a soap but also in that it can cloud the water. Changing the pH balance can also harm the ecosystem. 

When people go on tours of the swamp and bayous, it is important that no littering happens. Finding bottles and other floating pieces of litter when you are out on the water might not happen often, but removing it can help protect our waterways and the living things that make it home.

Protect Your Slidell Property from Water Damage with Timely and Expert Water Damage Repair 

SERVPRO Living in an area with a large percentage of land that is covered by water spells flooding eventually, and in some cases, multiple times. Flooding is not the only time a home might sustain water damage, but SERVPRO of Slidell is always available to help restore property damaged by the worst disasters.

 A dripping faucet can become very irritating as it repeatedly pings into the sink or tub. That same amount of water can end up damaging your house’s interior when a pipe develops a pinhole or your washing machine’s hose starts to wiggle loose. It might seem like very little, but a cup left in the sink under a dripping faucet fills up rather quickly.

Sometimes a small amount of water dripping into materials like carpet, flooring underlay, lower portions of drywall, or even concrete causes more damage than a sudden and larger accident. This is because 

  • Small leaks often remain unnoticed for a long period,
  • The extra time that such leaks go undetected allows them to spread farther and damage a larger area, and
  • Dormant microbes can activate and begin destroying fibrous materials.

Different materials require different approaches, just as the different kinds of damage require specific restoration methods.

SERVPRO of Slidell trains our employees in water damage repair and mitigation. They understand how important your home and belongings are to you and your family. A quick call to our 24-hour emergency services line, (985) 649-1516, starts the restoration process.

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