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Water Cleanup Services In Pearl River

1/12/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 today.

Destroying Bacteria, Fungi, and Viruses with Pearl River Water Cleanup Services

When water is inside your residence, it immediately begins to decay. Throughout 72 hours, water can degrade to grey contamination levels, which can include fungi, rot, or bacteria. Past the 72 hour limit, and there is a real risk of degradation to black water. This decay can present a problem for homeowners. Failure to thoroughly clean and decontaminate a structure can lead to smaller pockets of degradation, which over-time can lead to secondary issues like mold growth.

The best way to avoid repeat insurance claims is by hiring professionals in water cleanup serving the Pearl River area. Decontamination is only complete once all signs of moisture are gone, and treatment of the affected area with solvents is carried out. At SERVPRO, our restoration trucks feature a full range of cleaning products that are suitable for all kinds of materials found in a healthy home environment.

We act responsibly when applying cleaning solvents to ensure that no further harm results. Responsible application of cleaning products includes testing before use. SERVPRO technicians usually select a small surface area to try on contents or fabrics, ensuring that there is no adverse effect. Only when we are convinced, there is no potential harm of using a solvent do we apply it to larger areas.

Two essential cleaning solvents are disinfectants and anti-microbial. We use hand-held pressure sprays to cover the surface area quickly and efficiently. Disinfectants destroy harmful bacteria as well as viruses. Anti-microbial treatments are specifically designed to prevent microbial growth from occurring. Putting in place these guards is essential to ensuring that there are no secondary losses.

In some situations, your contents may benefit from a combination of solvent and machine cleaning. SERVPRO technicians can use extraction units to distribute powders as well as solutions onto fabrics or upholstery. Running over the affected area with a rotary machine can ensure the complete removal of any residual contaminants.

Do not expose your home to the risk of secondary damages. Contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 today.

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The Importance of Storm Damage Remediation in Slidell

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

water damage after flooding in house with furniture floating Keep yourself and your family safe by contacting SERVPRO in times of flooding.  Call right away for best results.

Understanding Containment Systems Used to Recover from Flood Damage in Slidell

Flood waters contain hazardous waste, frightening to Slidell homeowners concerned about their family's health. We inspect for contaminants and devise a plan including containment strategies for the safety of you and your loved ones and our crews. Here are some of the hazards we guard against with containment systems and what those containment systems might look like in your home.

Flood Water Hazards that Require Containment Systems

When flood damage occurs in Slidell, a broad range of contaminants enters your home. As building materials become damaged additional concerns can surface.

  • Sewage contains fecal and bloodborne pathogens, including bacteria and viruses.
  • Industrial waste picked up by overland flooding contains chemicals, asbestos, lead, and other harmful substances.
  • Landscaping and roadway chemicals suspend or dissolve into floodwaters.
  • Dirt, mud, and silt build up inside your home, consisting of many harmful substances in addition to mucking up and soiling surfaces. 
  • Deteriorating materials inside your home might contain asbestos, lead, and other biohazards.

Basic Safety Considerations

Expect the SERVPRO flood damage mitigation and remediation plan to recommend that occupants stay clear of the affected spaces. We prepare by spraying an EPA-registered disinfectant on waste materials and surfaces. Our crews wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) including:

  • Respirators
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Rubber boots
  • Splash goggles
  • Full bodysuits

Examples of Residential Containment Systems

To stop contamination from spreading into non-affected areas and protect occupants and workers, SERVPRO  constructs containment systems under The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH)  levels of containment:

  • Source containment -- used for minimal contamination. Removing, wrapping, and properly disposing of materials is sufficient.
  • Local or mini containment -- used for moderate contamination. Building a small enclosure with 6-mil polyethylene around a PVC frame large enough for one worker to remove, wrap and bag, and pass contaminated items out of the containment area for lawful disposal is appropriate and minimally disruptive.
  • Full-scale containment -- used in extreme contamination circumstances, including the flooding of significant spaces in a home. A combination of the following could be employed:
  • Construction of a contained work area of any size with 6-mil polyethylene.
  • A contained, smaller space adjacent as a floor-to-ceiling wrapped decontamination area for workers, equipment, and bagged waste. 
  • An equipment room to store contaminated tools and workers’ clothing.
  • An uncontaminated room to clean contents. 
  • A clean room for uncontaminated items and clothing.
  • A load-out area to store bagged waste. 

Any of these systems can include one or more negative pressure air scrubbers to pass airborne particles through HEPA filters and vent to the outside. 

Count on the flood damage containment experts SERVPRO of Slidell to keep you and your family safe during recovery from a flooding incident. Call us day or night at (985) 649-1516.

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We're Faster To Any Size Disaster In Pearl River

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Air movers stacked on a concrete floor We pulled up the carpets and used air movers to dry under the effected areas when it suffered from water damage after a washer leak.

Dealing With Water Cleanup in Pearl River

Having a toilet overflow from your bathroom into other areas of your home requires specific cleanup precautions. You cannot assume that water coming from a toilet is clean water. Even water without any solid matter coming from a toilet, it is still gray water (category 2). If there is waste or sewage backup, the water is considered black water (category 3) and is unsanitary and possibly disease-carrying. If untreated, you may face health risks from the wastewater.

If you need gray or black water cleanup in your Pearl River home, the trained professionals at SERVPRO understand how to effectively clean and sanitize impacted areas so that you do not have to worry about potential illness or disease. Not only do they use industrial-grade specially formulated cleaners, but they also use OSHA compliant personal protective equipment when cleaning contaminated water. This includes respirators, splash goggles, gloves, and even full-body suits when necessary.

When clearing wastewater using specialized extraction equipment, technicians usually dispose of it in a sewer line depending on local and state ordinances. If no sewer line is available, technicians dump the water at a licensed wastewater treatment facility. Improper disposal not only exposes other members of the community to unsanitary water, but there may be significant penalties from environmental agencies.

SERVPRO focuses on the water damage cleanup, so you do not have to deal with contaminants by creating an individualized plan for your particular situation. Technicians use disinfectants that kill about 99% of the organisms found in gray and black water. They also use biocides and fungicides before and after the work to ensure a clean environment.

The goal is always restoration rather than replacement; however, in some cases, removal and replacement may be required. For a semi-minor toilet spill, technicians use source containment by removing contaminated materials such as unsalvageable carpet by wrapping them up in polyethylene or putting them in plastic bags. If needed, technicians test the impacted environment to ensure that there are normal levels of indoor organisms.

Contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 24/7 for prompt service. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How SERVPRO Dries Water Damage in Pearl River

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment drying water damaged carpet This office suffered water damage. We have a variety of equipment at our disposal to dry your carpeting.

Water Cleanup in Pearl River Using Specialized Portable Extractors

Any time you find wet carpet inside your home in Pearl River, the problems can get worse if they do not get treated right away. If water cleanup does not get conducted promptly, secondary damage like raised humidity levels or mold can cause you more issues down the road. If the humidity inside your house rises, places previously unaffected could start to show signs of moisture damage.

Whenever carpets get wet, seeking professional assistance from a restoration company such as SERVPRO can help save you a dilemma and money in the long run. We can use specialized techniques and equipment during any water cleanup project in Pearl River. We can utilize various forms of advanced technology to help prevent secondary damage from developing. Other points that set us apart from other restoration professionals is the wide variety of equipment and restoration techniques that we have at our disposal.

For example, before starting to extract moisture from your saturated carpets, our SERVPRO technicians first assess the situation to figure out the best type of equipment to use. In many cases, we can utilize a truck-mounted extractor to pull moisture out of your contents and building materials. But, in other cases, it is more effective to use a portable extractor.

Portable extractors are easier to use and are ideal for tight places. The main components of extractors are a heater, pump, and vacuum system. We can use these machines to clean and extract both carpet and upholstered items.

Other features our portable extractors have, include a variable heat control. This function is mostly used during carpet cleaning when using hot water to loosen up soils. We adjust the temperature of the water to as hot as 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The unit also comes with a solution pump and solution tank. The tank holds the water-based detergents, and the pump sprays it out of the tank when conducting carpet cleaning procedures. The machine's vacuum system also has a wastewater tank attached to it to store the moisture extracted from your carpets or the excessive dirty detergents used during carpet cleaning.

For fast 24/7 service from our highly trained team, call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 as soon as you notice a moisture-related problem because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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SERVPRO Follows Mold Remediation Protocols when Servicing Pearl River Industrial and Commercial Sites

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

mold in a petri dish growing Mold Remediation Needed in Pearl River? Don't Hesitate--Call SERVPRO for Cleanup and Disinfecting

Commercial Mold Damage Pearl River – Avoiding Repeat Mold Contamination

Mold contamination can affect building materials, commercial products, equipment, and even employee health at Pearl River buildings. Once mold sets in, it can be difficult to remove unless specific steps are taken to remove the source, control the humidity level, and clean the area. Mold is everywhere; however, we can control mold, and further contamination avoided.

SERVPRO has been providing commercial mold damage mitigation and restoration in the Pearl River area since 1999. We also provide water damage and storm damage restoration services. Our team is highly trained. We follow a tried and true protocol for treating mold to meet client needs and returning their businesses and homes to their original condition, whenever possible.

Mold Removal

Once mold contamination has affected an area of your business, it is essential to act quickly to limit the damage to the structure, to your contents and employee health. SERVPRO can establish negative pressure areas and block all intakes to the HVAC system to avoid spreading the mold further within the building space. We can clean all hard surfaces. Porous surfaces cannot always be cleaned. Some non-salvageable items must be removed and disposed of following mold remediation guidelines. Depending on the level of contamination, this can include drywall, fabrics, carpeting, insulation, and the contents in the contaminated area.

Cleaning disturbs mold spores. SERVPRO establishes a negative pressure area in the rooms to be cleaned to prevent the further spread of mold spores. We clean from the top down and in the direction of the airflow. This approach ensures the spores and dust settle to the floor.

Preventing Repeat Mold Contamination

After cleaning the area, restoration can begin. Replace all of the non-porous items. However, mold loves high humidity and moisture. Eliminating these conditions can prevent further contamination of cleaned areas. If there is a source of moisture, either remove it or control it to reduce the contribution of humidity. Maintain humidity at 45% or lower using AC and dehumidifiers.

Your employees should find the indoor air quality much improved, and your commercial space could avoid mold contamination in the future.

Call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Abita Springs, Lacombe, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Call Us 24/7 In Pear River After A Fire

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Rows of our drying equipment and air movers in a room ready to be used We can respond quickly with professional drying equipment along with dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment for your fire damage restoration.

Pear River Fire Odor Control – The Kitchen Fire is Out, Now What

Whether you put out the fire yourself or the fireman quickly doused the fire in your kitchen, there is a good chance that odors from the fire can remain. There may be several different odors depending on what was burning and how quickly the fire was put out. For example, there may be odors from burned food, grease, plastic, and more that permeates your home. The odors might even be limited to your kitchen or may have spread to other portions of the house.

SERVPRO has been active in the Pear River area since 1999, dealing with fire odor control, water damage, flood, and storm damage issues. We can call on other franchises for assistance as needed to ensure we have sufficient human resources and technical skills to meet any situation.

Remove the Source

The first step in dealing with odors is always to remove the primary source of the odor. If there is a charred pot on the stove, for example, it needs to be removed from the home. Removing odors follows a procedure that SERVPRO has perfected over the years. We identify the cause of the odor and treat it accordingly. There may be several types of odors that need different treatment.

Hard Surfaces vs. Absorbent Materials

Hard surfaces such as stove tops and counters may have significant concentrations of odor-producing material. These surfaces can be cleaned by thoroughly wiping the surfaces. Remove any residue that was deposited. SERVPRO cleans cabinets, walls, vent hoods, and filters and ceilings. All must be washed and cleaned. In some situations, walls may need to be painted to seal in the odors.

Fabrics may need to be removed and sent out for cleaning. There are a variety of products and equipment that can be used for fire odor control and to remove odors from carpets and furniture. SERVPRO selects the appropriate method based on the type of fire, causing the smell and the concentration or residue. Our technicians are trained to deal with all of these situations. We can return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

Call SERVPRO of Slidell at (904) 721-2230 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Abita Springs, Lacombe, and the surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Document Recovery and Electronic Restoration In Slidell

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

flooding in office causing damage If your agency is the victim of a flash flood, contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516.

Specialist Document Recovery and Electronic Restoration for Commercial Flood Damage in Slidell

An agency can hold relevant client documents as well as various electronic devices at any given time. Which is why flash flooding can be a serious concern that requires immediate action and specialist restoration. Our service incorporates the latest technology into our nationally accredited technicians to ensure that you can salvage as much technical information and hardware as possible.

We have successfully run commercial flood damage restoration here in Slidell for our business clients. Our rapid response units are on-call to help businesses in a time of need. Our rapid response team differs from our residential technicians as an experienced crew chief leads each team with direct water restoration technician (WRT) qualifications.

On arrival, a crew chief can immediately assess the type of water contamination in your business — these grades from clean water to infectious waste like raw sewage and human pathogens. SERVPRO is a fully-licensed biohazard restoration firm. We are capable of dealing with any water emergency and can respond quickly to your call, bringing with us Personal Protective Equipment and a full-range of cleaning agents.

If you have special requirements, you can speak directly with our crew chief at any time during service. Valuable business documentation can often be freeze-dried by SERVPRO on-site before being transported to a dedicated facility to either vacuum or thermal vacuum freeze. These procedures are incapable of reversing existing damage but can prevent further harm to the document and be returned in a usable state.

Electronics like computers, printers, or scanning equipment can be held above the dew-point using heaters and dehumidifiers in a closed drying tent or cleanroom. This service can be vital in maintaining the functionality of hard-drives and other digital storage. SERVPRO does not carry out electronic restoration, but we can mitigate against further damage while electronic restoration teams are brought in.

SERVPRO has a contact list of trusted third-parties for specialist restoration. We can arrange for a callout on your behalf and include all documentation in a package for you to hand over to your claims adjuster as part of our stress-free claims process.

If your agency is the victim of a flash flood, contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516.

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We Are Available 24/7 For All Your Pearl River Fire Damage Restoration Needs

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

A roof of a home damaged by a fire Our team is well trained and equipped to handle a situation like this, so if you have fire damage, call us!

Complete Restoration after Fire Damage in Pearl River Includes Drying, Cleaning, and Deodorization

Lit candles during the fall and winter holidays play a role in creating a warm and inviting environment in many homes around Pearl River. During the excitement of entertaining family and other guests, often after long absences, accidents might happen involving one of the candles. Fire can get out of control quickly, especially if natural materials like pine boughs or wispy decorative fabrics ignite.

When decorations or other items in a home in Pearl River ignite, causing fire damage, SERVPRO does more than clean things up for the homeowner. We also dry the area doused with water and deodorize smoke smells coming from the charred items' smoke. 

Because smoke can linger inside a home and pollute the air, we work with at least one air scrubber running. After testing to locate any damp areas, we know where to set up and direct air movers that dry these areas. We position the air scrubbers downwind, per se, to collect smoke, airborne soot, and any dust we generate as we restore your property.

Smoke might look like a gas, but it is really made of microscopic particles that can penetrate into the pores and openings of otherwise unaffected materials like wood trim, carpeting, and brick. SERVPRO's Fire Damage and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) use different methods to get surfaces cleared away of soot. 

Depending on the type of soot, we use different methods. Pine and many other plants contain a lot of oils ad resins that can make cleaning it up challenging. We use special cleaning agents that cut through the bonds when we encounter this. We also use ultrasonic technology to clean many items at our facility.

Inaccessible areas can also harbor smoke deposits, or soot. Cleaning accessible areas and having our building services department replace charred walls and ceilings eliminates much of the soot that causes strong and constant odors. Our Odor Control Technician (OCT) uses fogging as a way to bind soot so it can no longer cause odors.

We work on your home and its contents in teams to ensure that we provide you with a dry, clean,and odor-free residence as quickly as possible. SERVPRO of Slidell is Faster To Any Size Disaster near Abita Springs and Lacombe. After fire damage ruins your house, call us at our local number, (985) 649-1516, 24/7.

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Do You Know How to Restore Flood Damage in Slidell? SERVPRO Does!

10/3/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles parked in driveway and street of home they are restoring.  Flooding on sidewalk and ground in front of home SERVPRO has a fast response time so that we an effectively restore your home.

Professional Flood Damage Cleaning And Restoration In Slidell

Surrounded by lakes, streams, and even more water, Slidell residents are used to seeing it somewhere, every day. Even with that, many area homes suffer more from failing dishwashers, split hoses, and other, broken, plumbing.

Unlike a water intrusion from a split pipe, however, Slidell flood damage contains outside water which contains contaminants like soil, trash, lawn fertilizers, and worse. SERVPRO restoration teams train extensively to not only remove this dirty water but also to return the home and its contents to a clean, livable condition. In some homes, depending on the flood level, that means everything from the roof to the sub-floor.

More than once last year, our personnel cleaned two-story flood damaged homes. While the multiple floors did not change our methods, one house in particular provided for an interesting range of tasks. On the lower level, carpets covered everything except the kitchen and bath. The second floor, however, was strictly wood flooring with throw rugs for warmth and linoleum in the two bathrooms.

For the rugs and carpets, the contaminated water made them non-restorable, so our SERVPRO team members removed and disposed of all of them. In the upstairs bathrooms, the water receded quickly enough that it did not soften the glue holding the linoleum in place. Thorough cleaning with a strong sterilant agent made it and the wood flooring safe to walk on again.

Downstairs was different though. The water remained overnight and all of the next day, loosening the linoleum and allowed air bubbles to form. It also soaked the wood flooring, causing some of the slats to begin to swell. Technicians first cleaned everything with the same sterilant and then used air movers to force warm air over it all to dry out the slats and soften the glue so other team members could flatten out the linoleum, eliminating the air bubbles.

In addition to removal and cleanup, our office also provides or supervises a wide range of restoration and other services needed to return each home to its original condition, or better than it was before the flood. Among them are:

  • Packing and move out of the property to facilitate removal and cleanup
  • Temporary warehouse space for property
  • Generator power
  • Electrical repair
  • Dry cleaning of soaked, stained or otherwise damaged clothing

At SERVPRO of Slidell, we strive to provide all of these services, and more, to each homeowner here, Abita Springs, Lacombe, and Pearl River. If this is the level of professional service you want for your residence, call us today at (985) 649-1516 to schedule an initial visit and get started on the restoration process. We are here for you. 

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Do You Have the Necessary Equipment to Restore Your Flood Damaged Home in Slidell?

9/18/2019 (Permalink)

Flooded street; water going into yards It's always flood season in Louisiana. SERVPRO has the equipment and expertise to restore your home!

Equipment that Helps Ease Restoration of Flood Damage in Affected Slidell Homes

Floods cause a wide range of problems necessitating thorough cleaning and controlled demolition. Such tasks can be tedious, but access to the right equipment can help ease their completion. We offer professional restoration of flood damage and equip our crews with a wide range of tools to handle any task.

Moving contents often happens in the process of restoring flood damage in affected Slidell homes. Some contents, such as furniture are heavy or bulky, making it hard to move them conveniently. Lifting such deadweight can also lead to injuries. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to different moving equipment. Hand trucks are handy in moving appliances, furniture, and appliances within the home. The trucks are available in different sizes and configurations, making them efficient for all types of moving tasks. We also have forklifts, which are useful during move-outs.

Flooding leaves properties heavily soiled with sludge, mud, and silt among other wastes. Cleaning requires different forces, including temperature and agitation, to be efficient. It is not easy to achieve the intended results without the right equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians use a wide range of equipment, including power washers and pressure sprayers. Pressure sprayers dispense the cleaning products at up to 50 psi, making them perfect for applying disinfectants and anti-microbial agents. Power washers can dispense cleaning products at up to 2500 psi, making them perfect for removing stubborn soils from surfaces. We have different varieties, including those that use cold or hot water.

Drying excess moisture from the flooding as well as the cleaning process is crucial to ensure other problems such as mold do not develop in the home afterward. Dehumidifiers play a significant role in the drying process. However, there are different types of dehumidifiers, and some might not be suitable for the conditions at your home. Our SERVPRO technicians have access to a wide range of dehumidifiers, including desiccant and refrigerant varieties. The LGR variety is best for job sites where temperatures are above 50°F.

Having the right tools can simplify the restoration of flood damage in Pearl River, Abita Springs, and Lacombe. Call SERVPRO of Slidell to assist. You can reach us at (985) 649-1516 any time. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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