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Is There a Straightforward Way to Sort Through Materials During Fire Restoration at Slidell Homes?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

charred debris and mess in a living room, round table SERVPRO Restores Fire Damaged in Homes in Slidell, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Can Help You Plan the Restoration Process Correctly, Simplifying Sorting, and Other Major Steps

Although fires are highly destructive, they do not consume all the materials and contents in the affected building in all incidents. Therefore, the recovery process involves the restoration of various items that are still useful. Restoration presents many challenges. Even the simplest aspects, such as sorting through debris to find useful materials, might not be as easy as you would expect. SERVPRO helps in many ways when Slidell homeowners need restoration services.

Which fire damage situations present the best restoration chances? 

Fire restoration at your Slidell property is likely to be easier if the main issue is the accumulation of smoke residues on surfaces. In such a case, cleaning and other straightforward procedures can deliver the results you expect. The effects smoke has on various surfaces can be categorized differently and includes: 

  • Settled smoke residues 
  • Chemical changes such as yellowing or staining 
  • Deterioration of the surface such as corrosion by soot 

Our SERVPRO technicians can help you restore the damage caused by exposure to smoke residues making it, “Like it never even happened.” 

Removing settled residues is possible, although the approach required to get the right outcome might differ. Our technicians use both dry and wet cleaning methods depending on the condition of the affected materials or the residues. Typical dry-cleaning methods include vacuuming and wiping with cleaning sponges, while wet cleaning can range from spraying cleaning solutions on a surface to immersing an entire item in the cleaning solution.

Which other damage categories leave room for restoration? 

  • Charring and other slight deterioration from heat action 
  • Heavy odor 
  • Deterioration from moisture accumulation 

Apart from fixing issues caused by smoke, it is also possible to restore other types of damages such as charring, bad smell as well as the effects of moisture that materials absorb during the firefighting process. Restoring such damages requires more elaborate procedures compared to cleaning. For instance, to fix scorched wooden furniture, there is a need to strip off the charred layer before refinishing. The method chosen for stripping off the affected layer needs to be strong enough to remove all traces of charring but mild enough not to damage the item irreversibly. 

Our SERVPRO technicians use various abrasive methods, including sanding. We can also use specialized techniques such as dry ice or soda blasting since they are highly effective, yet they do not damage the underlying materials.

Now that I know what to restore, where do I start? 

After moving items, the mess left at your property, tearing down construction materials, and soiling various things during the firefighting process can make it challenging to decide where to begin the restoration. Various approaches can help ease the challenge, including: 

  • Separating salvageable and questionable items 
  • Content moveout to an external storage facility 
  • Creating exclusion zones  
  • Safe handling of the damaged materials 

While some forms of damage to items are readily restorable, others might take several steps. You might also discover that the damage is too extensive to restore after you have already started the process. For instance, wet smoke residues are known to cause irreversible soiling. Instead of treating everything the same, you can separate into groups of the readily salvageable items and those that need further evaluation.

In the aftermath of a fire incident, your usually neat home is likely to be in disarray. One disadvantage of this is the lack of space to carry out various restoration processes. One way to address this problem is to do a moveout. Our SERVPRO technicians can help prepare your valuables for the moveout by grouping and packing them in boxes.

Executing restorative procedures can spread soils and other wastes from one section of the property to another, thus affecting items or building materials untouched by the initial fire. Sometimes, the spreading is subtle, and you only realize there is a problem when damage is done. Our technicians take various precautions to ensure safe handling of contents to avoid spreading soils. We can also create barriers to separate the affected areas from the rest of the property. We usually use plastic sheets to construct such barriers, thus keeping demolition dust, soot, and other fine particles from spreading widely. When demolition construction materials, we use trash cans or heavy-duty plastic bags to hold the wastes, thus keeping the loss site organized.

Renovating your Pearl River, Abita Springs, or Lacombe home after a fire can be more challenging if the loss site remains in disarray. Call SERVPRO of Slidell to help keep everything organized. You can reach us at (985) 649-1516. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

A Burst Pipe in My Second Floor Bathroom Caused Water Damage. How Do I Restore My Slidell Home?

9/3/2020 (Permalink)

A bathroom with SERVPRO equipment on the floor.  Let SERVPRO come in and help restore your flooded Slidell bathroom.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians in Slidell to Mitigate the Water Damage in Your Property.

Water can flow into various surfaces in your Slidell home, especially if it is from high grounds. After 24 hours, the moisture can trigger mold growth, causing health effects to your family. Also, the humidity affects the structure’s stability if not handled on time by certified professionals.

Where do the experts begin?

At SERVPRO, we can begin mitigating the water damage in your Slidell property by inspecting the affected area thoroughly. We have advanced equipment that helps us determine moisture levels on surfaces and hi-tech tools that aid in the reinstallation processes without causing more damage. Since water can travel into hard to reach areas and other confined places such as wall cavities, we can use a thermal imaging camera during the inspection. The equipment helps us to pinpoint areas where we should concentrate on during the drying process. 

How do restorers dry hard to reach areas?

SERVPRO technicians understand that moisture in hard-to-reach areas can cause mold growth and odors if we do not remove it. Therefore, we do our best to dry the hard to reach areas completely using state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques. Some hard-to-reach areas such as ductwork, ceiling, and behind drywall can be expensive to repair if demolished. Since our primary aim is to reduce damage, we can drill small holes into your ceiling or drywall to access the moisture. We can use structural cavity drying equipment attached to air movers to direct dry air into the confined area.

Should I dispose of damaged contents?

Our technicians can help you separate the salvageable items from those damaged beyond repair. Contents such as wood veneer furniture and carpets submerged in water for over 48 hours can be difficult to salvage. We can dispose of such items professionally to avoid further damage. We take pictures of the damaged items before disposal so you can include them in your insurance claim. 

How about the odors persisting in my property?

Odor can linger in your property depending on:

  • The water source
  • The number of days the water stood in your property
  • Surfaces that seeped the water

We can restore fresh air into your property using various techniques depending on the intensity of the odor. For instance, our technicians can use the Vaportek unit to clean the air in the affected area. The system distributes its molecules into the air to neutralize odor molecules upon contact.

SERVPRO of Slidell offers effective water removal services to our customers. Contact us today at (985) 649-1516. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.    

How Damaging is Flooding in a Crawlspace?

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

muddy man coming out of a crawlspace SERVPRO Says We Should Encapsulate this Pearl River Crawlspace to Mitigate Flood Damage. I Like that Idea!

When the space beneath your main floor becomes compromised by flooding, it could have destructive consequences for your entire Pearl River residence.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that because their Pearl River properties do not have a basement that they are better protected from flooding. In truth, crawlspaces can be equally damaged and compromised by these disasters, especially conditions where the ebbing of the floodwater is not immediate. Understanding how your crawlspace can become damaged from the presence of flooding is critical to appreciating the need for professional flood restoration companies like our SERVPRO of Slidell team.

Flood damage in Pearl River crawlspaces does not always happen immediately. Prolonged exposure of standing water on structural elements and persistent moisture concerns can lead to destructive effects like deterioration and mold. The initial mitigation actions that our SERVPRO professionals can take are designed to protect and preserve exposed elements and prevent costlier damages from occurring.

  • Subflooring – The underside of the house's main floor is often directly exposed in this crawlspace as an access point for service shutoffs for water, gas, and other utilities. Persistent moisture or direct water exposure can absorb into joists and the OSB board.
  • Supports – The supports for the house can also be directly exposed to standing water during flooding, which can lead to deterioration. 
  • Microbial Growth – Persistent moisture concerns often facilitate mold growth. If dampness does not get addressed promptly, mold colonization can spread into the house through flooring materials. 

What Can Prevent Crawlspace Flood Damage?

With a team of in-house contractors capable of providing long-term flood protection, the advisable approach is crawlspace encapsulation. This process covers all exposed structural surfaces with plastic sheeting to prevent exposure to moisture/water. The installation of water diversion tools like sump pumps prevent floodwater from lingering in this area as well.

From flood removal to crawlspace encapsulation, you can count on our experienced SERVPRO of Slidell team to help after a disaster. Give us a call today at (985) 649-1516.

What Happens When an Air Conditioner Pan Leaks in my Slidell home?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

insulation from ceiling on the floor Water damage can wreck parts of your home if it isn’t taken care of properly. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation services.

SERVPRO techs can handle any size water removal needed in your Slidell home

Air conditioning is great to beat the summer heat, but when the unit malfunctions and situations like the drip pan overflowing can cause a host of issues in your Slidell home that need professional cleanup to minimize the amount of post-mitigation repairs required. If the efforts do not begin quickly enough, problems such as:   

  • Mold infestation
  • Wider area of removal and repairs needed for walls and ceilings
  • Foul odors from the continual elevated moisture

What Types of Water Removal Actions May Be Needed Post-Air Conditioner Malfunction?  

This home in Slidell needed large scale water removal from SERVPRO due to an air conditioning drip pan overflowing. The resulting water damage affected several areas within the home.

Water Damage Cleanup in Slidell the Bedroom Needed  

The techs used their detection equipment and found the effects of the overflow within the walls and ceiling. The techs removed the ruined portions of the sheetrock, including the insulation, to dry the interior parts. The techs located the exact areas within the sheetrock using infrared and other equipment to highlight the areas of cooler temps meaning moisture. This enables them to only perform controlled demo on the areas with damage.

Cleaning Water Damage On Tile Flooring  

The tile flooring in the laundry room and hallway had seepage that occurred from the water that ran down the walls and wicked into the sheetrock. The same types of equipment get used to pinpoint the areas under the tile, behind the baseboards, and within the walls. The techs performed two-foot belt cuts in the hallway, bedroom, and laundry room to remove the ruined wall portions and insulation to open it up for drying. The tile needed to get removed to dry the subfloor, or the situation can morph into a bigger problem such as:   

  • Warping of the subfloor
  • Foul odors 
  • Larger area of tile delamination

Cleaning Room Contents After Water Damage  

When the air conditioning unit dripped down through the ceiling and down the walls, it also affected furnishings and articles within the bedroom. SERVPRO techs moved out the furniture from the bedroom for cleaning, including a dresser, television stand, and bed frame. The wet mattress required disposal, but the technicians were able to wash the bedding set using the Esporta Washing System to clean and sanitize the fabrics.

Wood furniture is susceptible to water spotting, but through the use of cleaning agents, oil soaps, and waxes, the techs can help the furnishings recover from exposure to the water. The most critical element when it comes to the restoration of wood furniture is if the absorption of moisture cracked the joints or caused swelling that permanently damaged it.

The central area where the damage began in the home occurred in the bedroom. SERVPRO techs determined the presence of mold on the ceiling and the surfaces of some items in the room. The techs set up containment and ran an air scrubber to capture airborne particulate, venting it outside, creating negative air. This action stops the potential for spreading mold spores during the remediation.

The sheetrock harboring the mold around the drip pan required removal and disposal as did a portion of the walls due to the mold. Once the area got stripped down to the framework, the techs dried the existing colonies and then abated the dry matter left afterward. It is crucial not to disturb the mold once dried as it gets lifted off surfaces, and the techs use manual methods with hand tools and HEPA hand vacs frequently for this part of the restoration services. For large size abatement tasks, the techs have access to soda and ice blasters that use a light abrasive to power off any remaining dried matter without harming surfaces.

After the completion of the water cleanup and mold remediation, the SERVPRO crew chief goes over the actions taken to ensure that the homeowner understands everything done and is happy with the outcome. If there are repairs or replacements needed to return the home to its preloss condition, those aspects of the restoration services get explained. Hence, everyone is on the same page for actions taken and anything additional needed, and the written report that accompanies the mitigation can assist in expediting insurance claims for homeowners.

SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 brings their years of experience and access to a broad array of professional extraction and drying equipment for any size water removal. Their advanced restoration services make the water damage in your home, "Like it never even happened."

How Long Do Businesses in Slidell Take to Re-open after Water Intrusion?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

water overflowing from sink in a bathroom Flooding at your business can cause you to close until repairs can be made. Contact SERVPRO for quick water damage remediation services.

SERVPRO One of the Leading Commercial Water Restoration Companies for Slidell Businesses.

When should I close business with water intrusions?

Water intrusion can become a health & safety concern at your Slidell business without proper care and investigation. If a toilet or washing area of your business floods, you may need to ask yourself whether it is possible to work around the issue, or would it be better to temporarily close to giving the issue your full attention. SERVPRO commercial teams can either work around your business hours and provide a speedy solution should temporary closure be necessary. On receiving your call, a qualified crew chief can arrive on-site within four hours of notification of loss to perform the inspection, mitigation, and restoration. We understand how closure can affect revenues, working hard to complete jobs on time and budget.

What are the necessary steps for water recovery for businesses?

Commercial water restoration companies working in your Slidell business are to return the property to a sanitary condition. We can use industrial-strength pumping equipment to remove any residual moisture from the property. Some of this equipment, such as high-pressure pumps, is powerful enough to transport water twenty-five feet away from the property or uphill. Once water removal is complete, we can thoroughly disinfect and deodorize the affected area to ensure your business remains welcoming to both customers and staff. At the end of service, our crew chiefs can conduct a detailed walkthrough with you to explain any work done.

What should I do when water intrusion occurs?

  • Isolate the affected area and inform staff/ customers
  • Shut off the water supply and/ or electricity
  • Contact a commercial restoration company from the local area

If your business suffers the ill effects of water intrusion, contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649- 1516 now.

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Do I Need to Replace My Fixtures After A Fire?

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Person holding home You can trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Cleans and Restores All Areas of Your Pearl River Home.

Dealing with the ramifications of a fire in your Pearl River property can be stressful and challenging, especially when smoke residue tends to find a way on to almost every surface in your home. Cleaning is an essential component in the repair process, and doing so quickly helps mitigate further damage. Our trained restoration specialists may need to remove your personal belongings to best clean your home. However, fixtures and other structural elements also need thorough cleaning.  

Does SERVPRO Remove the Fixtures to Clean Them?

Technicians Restore Structural Elements in Your Home.

Cleaning everything in your fire-damaged Pearl River house is crucial for a complete restoration. An often-overlooked part of your home is the fixtures like lighting, faucets, and doorknobs. Typically, our fire restoration team can clean fixtures without having to relocate them from your house. One exception may be intricately designed chandeliers since they may need detailed, precise cleaning and are very delicate. After cleaning, our team also makes sure that moving components work properly through the use of silicone spray.

How Do Technicians Clean Lighting Fixtures?

  • They are usually cleaned with the ceiling.
  • Carefully around and behind fixtures to remove all residue. 
  • Hand, steam, or submerge clean delicate fixtures.

How Do Technicians Clean Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures?

  • Identify the level of residue.
  • The technicians usually wet clean using the appropriate type of cleaning product for the material in question. 
  • After cleaning, fixtures may require a lubricating silicone spray such as WD-40  to restore appropriate movement.

For 24/7 assistance in restoring your home after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516. We make it, "Like it never even happened." 

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How Can I Protect My Slidell Business from Weather-Related Water Leaks?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged wall If you ever need your business inspected for leaks or damage, you can call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 for assistance.

Routine Maintenance and Professional Inspections Help Protect Slidell Businesses from Leaks Caused by Storms

While Slidell’s geographic location makes it especially prone to weather-related water issues, you can take some relatively simple preventative measures to substantially reduce the chances of them affecting your commercial site. Since damaged roofs and clogged drainage systems are often the sources of structure-penetrating rainwaters, you must always ensure these are in good working condition. Routinely check your roofs for holes or missing tiles and your drainage networks for blockages. Repair all discovered issues promptly. Also, whenever storms approach, remember to trim all tree branches that could potentially fall on your roofs, causing leaks and clogging gutters. Finally, be sure to have your business periodically inspected for leaks by a reputable professional service.

What is at Stake When Your Business is Impacted by Damaging Rainwaters?

Experienced Slidell water cleanup services like SERVPRO understand that much more is on the line when a business is impacted by a rainwater leak. Unlike homeowners affected by such problems, business owners have many more concerns to worry about, including:

    •    Minimizing operational downtime in order to limit financial losses
    •    Servicing customers/clients promptly
    •    Protecting valuable inventories necessary for conducting business
    •    Maintaining essential business records and documentation
    •    Safeguarding the health and welfare of employees
    •    Economically supporting their local communities

These considerations make fast, effective water cleanup a must for commercial firms. Fortunately, SERVPRO has all the newest, most powerful tools to meet these business needs.

How Can SERVPRO Detect Unseen Water Leaks During an Inspection?

Whenever possible, catching problems before they become serious concerns is always preferable to cleaning up accumulated issues later. This smart mindset is what drives our inspection services.  SERVPRO technicians are trained in finding hidden water sources well before they make themselves readily known. They also possess all the latest high-tech equipment necessary to locate them, including:

    •    Moisture sensors that can identify items and areas affected by excess moisture
    •    Moisture meters to precisely measure levels of moisture in impacted materials
    •    Infrared cameras that can see through baseboards, walls, and ceilings to locate leak sources

Our experts, using these tools, can often locate and remediate your property’s issue quickly, saving you precious time and money.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up Water from Substantial Leaks?

SERVPRO technicians are skilled at cleaning up commercial sites that have suffered large leaks.  They also employ highly specialized equipment to do this. Some of these advanced industrial-grade tools are:

    •    Truck-mounted extractors that can rapidly remove feet of standing water
    •    Low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers that can remove large amounts of moisture from commercial structures via condensation
    •    Massive desiccant dehumidifiers to rapidly extract water vapor from large businesses  
    •    Microbe-eliminating and deodorizing foggers to treat all impacted surfaces and areas with EPA-approved chemical agents

This powerful equipment makes our commercial water cleanup efforts much more effective, efficient, and time-saving. These results are especially important for commercial enterprises since their survival depends on how quickly they can remediate water issues and return to their operations.

Slidell businesses, located in a region infamous for its powerful tropical storms, face increased risks of suffering storm-related leaks and rainwater damage. Strong storms could entirely blow roofs off buildings, make tree limbs drop on structures and cause large leaks, turn ordinary objects into window or wall-penetrating projectiles, and clog roof drainage systems with an assortment of wind-blown debris. Whenever any of this impacts your business, it is likely to do significant injury to your property and bring your operations to a grinding halt.

Rainwater entering your commercial building could result in numerous horrendous outcomes. It could form large pools of standing water that might stagnate if not quickly removed. These pools, over time, facilitate the growth of harmful and odorous bacteria and fungi. Additionally, rainwater damage could undermine the structural integrity of your buildings and necessitate substantial reconstructions. Your valuable inventories and irreplaceable business documents are also at risk when water enters your buildings. Also, the longer storm-related leaks keep your business closed, the greater the negative impact is on customers, employees, and the local community.

It is for all of the previously mentioned reasons that you should remain vigilant when it comes to water leak risks. You should research local water removal options prior to the arrival of storms and before you ever experience the disastrous effects of storm-related leaks. Keep up to date on your property maintenance and have your commercial site periodically inspected for storm-related damage. Whenever issues are found, have them fixed as soon as possible. Also, if you ever do experience a water leak and standing water, act quickly to have the situation resolved.

If you ever need your business inspected for leaks or damage, you can call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 for assistance.

My Home Has Extensive Fire Damage. Who Can Help Me to Restore It?

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

Small Model home on fire Call our experts after you experience a fire disaster, we have training in fire & smoke restoration, odor control, upholstery & fabric cleaning.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians to Handle the Fire Damage in Your Slidell Property

Beginning the fire restoration process within the first 48 hours after the fire is crucial because it helps prevent costly repairs. After the initial responders play their role, seek help from SERVPRO professionals to begin the restoration process in your Slidell home.

Why should I hire your company?

We have a team of skilled, licensed, and certified technicians who can handle the fire damage in your Slidell property regardless of its severity. We provide our customers with a full restoration service, including pack-out services, water mitigation, content cleaning, deodorization, and rebuilding of the affected areas. We have advanced fire restoration equipment and products that help our technicians restore our customers’ homes quickly and effectively. 

How do you clean the smoke residues?

Our team cleans surfaces and items to preloss condition, meaning that we remove all the effects of fire damage. Our restorers determine which items can be salvaged and which ones need to be replaced. We can remove smoke residues from the exterior and interior surfaces of your house. Some of the products we can use to clean your residence include:

Dry cleaning sponges to remove smoke residues from surfaces.

General surface cleaners – They are detergent cleaners that are ideal for use on all washable and painted surfaces.

Vacuuming devices to remove particulate soiling and light debris.

Compressed air to eliminate loose particulate residues.

Brushes – We can use soft brushes to eliminate some loose residues on delicate surfaces and wire brushes to remove residues from hardy surfaces.

What do pack-out services involve?

The longer the salvageable contents of a home sit in the affected area, the lower the chances of salvaging them. Therefore, we can move the contents to a secured storage location for thorough cleaning and restoration. We handle the valuable belongings with care throughout the move-out, restoration, and move-back process. Our technicians can do everything possible to restore your valuable items since we understand how important they are.

Can you remove the soot from my furniture?

Furniture attracts soot and smoke residues easily. If ignored for over 24 hours, the residues can discolor the surface. We use unique approved products to clean the soot and smoke residues on surfaces that cannot withstand aggressive cleaning. Our SERVPRO technicians can use natural fabric brightener mixed with shampoo super concentrate to clean stains caused by the residues. Before our technicians leave a property, we ensure that it is safe for inhabitation.

SERVPRO of Slidell has the knowledge, resources, and equipment to restore your property to its pre-misfortune condition. Talk to us today at (985) 649-1516. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Is Flood Restoration Dangerous in My Slidell Home?

6/16/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded home Homeowners have to deal with many things which may include water damage. Contact SERVPRO right away.

Despite the experience of our qualified professionals, there are risks and hazards associated with restoring a flood-damaged home. 

There is always a temptation to pursue DIY cleaning and recovery for your Slidell home after flood losses, though with how rapidly water damage can migrate throughout the residence, many of these same property owners do not realize how extensive and widespread the costs can become. In addition to the concerns about inadequate water removal and drying, lingering flood effects in your residence can lead to more direct health hazards and risks.

Because there are so many degrees and levels of flood damage in Slidell homes after these disasters, recovery often must occur in several stages. Each of these phases posits its specific risks and potential hazards, so it is always advisable to lean on the expertise and fast response of our SERVPRO team to help. We have accredited technicians with endorsements from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA), and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA.)

What Should I Do Before Help Arrives? 

There are always steps that you can take to lessen the impact of flood damage in your home before our experienced technicians arrive. While the bulk of the restoration and recovery efforts accomplished by our SERVPRO professionals, there are only a few steps that homeowners can take in the hours leading up to our arrival. It is only advisable to pursue these potential steps when it is safe to do so. Some of the things that you can do to help make mitigation and restoration more efficient when our team gets to your home include:

  • Content Recovery – Because standing water can be such a substantial threat to your home, any of the contents exposed to this pooling can become irreparably damaged without relocating them to safer places in the house. 
  • Shut Off Utilities – It is always advisable to consider what utilities are live in your home before you vacate the premises. If possible, you can sever specific services entering the property like your water to prevent worsening conditions if active flooding were to damage plumbing, conduit, or other receptacles. 
  • Get Everyone Out – In some situations, whether you can complete other items on this shortlist or not, you should prioritize getting everyone in the house to safety. There are specific health hazards that could impact your family if you do not act quickly. 

What Dangers Exist During Flooding? 

You should appreciate that with any disaster that affects your home, from fires to flooding, there are specific health hazards and risks that exist until the damage gets restored. With flooding, there are a few particular conditions that could begin that threaten the health of those exposed or could cause injuries or worse. Even when flood damage remains concentrated to a specific area of your home, some of the active threats that could exist include:

  • Electric Shock – Shock hazards are one of the most common threats when flooding exceeds several inches in depth. When water levels rise to live outlet receptacles and other powered electronics, it could send a current through the standing water that could injure unprotected restoration professionals or occupants of the house. 
  • Fall Hazards – As you might expect, any depth of flooding in your home could come with some degree of threat of slipping and falling. In natural flooding scenarios, mud and silt can add to the possibility of falls. 
  • Debris – Many natural flooding scenarios introduce debris, mud, and contaminants into the house's affected areas.
  • Animal Infestations – Natural flooding disasters can allow bugs, snakes, and other animals into your property with the rising and rushing waters. 

How Can SERVPRO Manage Contamination? 

Contaminants are a continual threat when natural flooding scenarios exist. In these situations, our SERVPRO professionals must consider the disaster to be a blackwater, Category 3 loss events. This classification illustrates a likelihood that floodwater encountered some form of contamination, from sewage and bacteria through viral pathogens. Some of the options for managing these potential contaminants include:

  • Containment
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Antibacterial Treatment

While flooding can be destructive enough on its own, natural flooding presents a more significant loss scenario that must get immediately addressed. Our SERVPRO of Slidell team can help with a rapid response that ensures we can install containment barriers to reduce the spread and severity of loss effects. Through extraction and drying, our professionals can work to make flood losses "Like it never even happened." Give us a call anytime you need us at (985) 649-1516.

A Storm Has Caused Flooding in My Basement. What Should I Do?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Rubber ducks floating in flooded basement Flooding quickly causes flood damage. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

Hire SERVPRO Technicians to Handle the Storm Flood Damage in Your Slidell Home

A storm can bring flood water into your home’s basement. A flooded basement can breed various health hazards and cause costly damages if not restored on time. Act immediately by seeking help from professionals to prevent further flood damage in your Slidell property.

Why call SERVPRO for flood damage restoration?

We have teams of skilled, highly trained technicians who have mastered effective techniques for handling storm flood damage in affected Slidell homes. Our staff has access to state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to manage flood damage of any magnitude. The advanced equipment also helps us hasten the restoration process to minimize damage. Our team is available 24-hours, seven days a week. We also work closely with our customers’ insurance companies to help settle claims quickly. 

Do I need to call an electrician?

At SERVPRO, we put safety first for not only our staff but also our customers. It is not recommended to venture into the flooded basement since it can pose an electrical danger to you and your family. Switching off the power supply in the property is critical since all electrical appliances or electronics in contact with the floodwater are hazardous. You can switch off the main power supply and call an electrician to examine your electrical system for electrical hazards.

How can you restore my property?

Before we start to restore your property, we check if there are hazards like structural damage. We check surfaces and areas like walls, floors, ceilings, and roofs for possible dangers. All water restoration projects are unique. A building provides variables that could change with the project. Some include:

 Type of building materials

 The electrical system

 Hazardous materials in the home

The water loss also provides variables like:

 The length of time the floodwater has been in your property

 Hazardous substances in the water

 The presence of mold

Our team can resolve safety hazards before we proceed with the flood restoration project.

With the high-water levels in my basement, how can you hasten the drying process? 

The drying process is an essential part of flood damage restoration. We can use a self-priming trash pump to extract the water. The equipment is efficient in floodwater removal since it can pass solids. We can then use air movers and dehumidifiers to remove moisture.

Our technicians can also use portable electric heaters to dry the basement. The equipment speeds up the evaporation process, especially from wood materials. However, direct heating of some materials can affect them negatively. We can use sandbags to contain the heat against the materials and contents we are drying.

With the right equipment and decades of experience, SERVPRO of Slidell can handle the storm flood damage in your property to make it, "Like it never even happened." Call us at 985) 649-1516. 

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