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How Can I Protect My Slidell Business from Weather-Related Water Leaks?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged wall If you ever need your business inspected for leaks or damage, you can call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 for assistance.

Routine Maintenance and Professional Inspections Help Protect Slidell Businesses from Leaks Caused by Storms

While Slidell’s geographic location makes it especially prone to weather-related water issues, you can take some relatively simple preventative measures to substantially reduce the chances of them affecting your commercial site. Since damaged roofs and clogged drainage systems are often the sources of structure-penetrating rainwaters, you must always ensure these are in good working condition. Routinely check your roofs for holes or missing tiles and your drainage networks for blockages. Repair all discovered issues promptly. Also, whenever storms approach, remember to trim all tree branches that could potentially fall on your roofs, causing leaks and clogging gutters. Finally, be sure to have your business periodically inspected for leaks by a reputable professional service.

What is at Stake When Your Business is Impacted by Damaging Rainwaters?

Experienced Slidell water cleanup services like SERVPRO understand that much more is on the line when a business is impacted by a rainwater leak. Unlike homeowners affected by such problems, business owners have many more concerns to worry about, including:

    •    Minimizing operational downtime in order to limit financial losses
    •    Servicing customers/clients promptly
    •    Protecting valuable inventories necessary for conducting business
    •    Maintaining essential business records and documentation
    •    Safeguarding the health and welfare of employees
    •    Economically supporting their local communities

These considerations make fast, effective water cleanup a must for commercial firms. Fortunately, SERVPRO has all the newest, most powerful tools to meet these business needs.

How Can SERVPRO Detect Unseen Water Leaks During an Inspection?

Whenever possible, catching problems before they become serious concerns is always preferable to cleaning up accumulated issues later. This smart mindset is what drives our inspection services.  SERVPRO technicians are trained in finding hidden water sources well before they make themselves readily known. They also possess all the latest high-tech equipment necessary to locate them, including:

    •    Moisture sensors that can identify items and areas affected by excess moisture
    •    Moisture meters to precisely measure levels of moisture in impacted materials
    •    Infrared cameras that can see through baseboards, walls, and ceilings to locate leak sources

Our experts, using these tools, can often locate and remediate your property’s issue quickly, saving you precious time and money.

How Does SERVPRO Clean Up Water from Substantial Leaks?

SERVPRO technicians are skilled at cleaning up commercial sites that have suffered large leaks.  They also employ highly specialized equipment to do this. Some of these advanced industrial-grade tools are:

    •    Truck-mounted extractors that can rapidly remove feet of standing water
    •    Low-grain refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers that can remove large amounts of moisture from commercial structures via condensation
    •    Massive desiccant dehumidifiers to rapidly extract water vapor from large businesses  
    •    Microbe-eliminating and deodorizing foggers to treat all impacted surfaces and areas with EPA-approved chemical agents

This powerful equipment makes our commercial water cleanup efforts much more effective, efficient, and time-saving. These results are especially important for commercial enterprises since their survival depends on how quickly they can remediate water issues and return to their operations.

Slidell businesses, located in a region infamous for its powerful tropical storms, face increased risks of suffering storm-related leaks and rainwater damage. Strong storms could entirely blow roofs off buildings, make tree limbs drop on structures and cause large leaks, turn ordinary objects into window or wall-penetrating projectiles, and clog roof drainage systems with an assortment of wind-blown debris. Whenever any of this impacts your business, it is likely to do significant injury to your property and bring your operations to a grinding halt.

Rainwater entering your commercial building could result in numerous horrendous outcomes. It could form large pools of standing water that might stagnate if not quickly removed. These pools, over time, facilitate the growth of harmful and odorous bacteria and fungi. Additionally, rainwater damage could undermine the structural integrity of your buildings and necessitate substantial reconstructions. Your valuable inventories and irreplaceable business documents are also at risk when water enters your buildings. Also, the longer storm-related leaks keep your business closed, the greater the negative impact is on customers, employees, and the local community.

It is for all of the previously mentioned reasons that you should remain vigilant when it comes to water leak risks. You should research local water removal options prior to the arrival of storms and before you ever experience the disastrous effects of storm-related leaks. Keep up to date on your property maintenance and have your commercial site periodically inspected for storm-related damage. Whenever issues are found, have them fixed as soon as possible. Also, if you ever do experience a water leak and standing water, act quickly to have the situation resolved.

If you ever need your business inspected for leaks or damage, you can call SERVPRO of Slidell at (985) 649-1516 for assistance.

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