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Commercial Fire Damaged Needs to Handled By Professionals

11/5/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damaged Needs to Handled By Professionals

When commercial fire damage strikes, many business owners are often utterly shocked. While fire suppression methods such as a fire sprinkler system are commonly used to help combat an electrical fire or utility room fire, such efforts may not work. Many rooms in the business can have soot damage and smoke damage. The fire suppression methods to squelch the electrical fire may not have worked. Commercial fire damage may have spread from a small utility room fire to other areas of the business. In that case, it is best to seek professional fire restoration help as soon as possible. Professionals such as a firefighter can help put out the initial flames with their fire hose. Other professionals need to be called in as well after the fire damage has taken place. A professional restoration company can offer many varied services after the fire truck has left the grounds of the business.

Soot Damage

Soot is the remains of a fire. Soot damage can happen as the firefighter is putting out the fire with the fire hose. A fire truck can also bring soot across many places. The firefighter and fire hose along with the fire truck may drag lots of soot from an electrical fire into other areas of the business. Soot is highly dangerous. It can also cling to the fire truck and wind up on varied outdoor spaces including the business owner's car. A professional fire restoration company can help with soot damage to all areas of the property. A fire sprinkler system may also have spread soot to other parts of the property as well. The fire sprinkler system may have gone off and caused water with soot particles to spread into many different areas in the business. A professional company dedicated to fire restoration efforts can come inside and clean out all spaces that have such fire damage.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage from a utility room fire is common. An electrical fire may have caused problems that spread smoke from a single room to other areas including common areas where important business takes place. The utility room fire may have started smoke that gets into other areas as well. It's important to consult with a fire restoration company in order to assess the extent of the smoke damage in the entire space. A fire sprinkler system may have helped put out the fire when it started but there can be other areas that have fire damage that is not obvious even after a complete walk through. Commercial fire damage from smoke needs professionals who know how best to react to it.

Other Kinds of Damage

While fire suppression methods can be effective at helping put out the fire, such fire suppression methods can cause additional damage. Commercial fire damage may also include water damage after water was used all over the space to get rid of the fire. Some fires require the use of extensive chemicals to be put out. In that case, such chemicals can leave dangerous traces of chemicals on many surfaces inside of the space. These chemicals need to cleaned up by a professional service. They should not be left in the space after the fire. A professional service can clean up every single area that was touched in some way by these chemicals and make sure that no traces remain anywhere. They can also point out that some items in the space may be too damaged by the chemicals and will need be cleaned again or thrown out entirely in order to be safe. Many other kinds of other damage can linger after the fire is no longer burning. It's best to work closely with professionals to make sure the entire space is completely free of all fire damage.
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