Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial property with extensive water damage

Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Slidell from Boomerang Leak

The business owner thought the leak causing water damage in this Slidell property received repairs, however SERVPRO techs found the walls and floors needed continual drying and extraction. The problem got traced to one of the original water sources requiring further repair to halt the damage.

Office with books on bookshelves with desks and chairs

New Orleans Commercial Water Damage Cleanup on Carpet

The water came from above in this New Orleans office with commercial water damage. SERVPRO techs used their portable extraction equipment to remove the moisture from the carpet so business could continue as usual for the workers.

Office furniture covered in a protective layer of plastic sheeting

Prepping for Commercial Water Damage Cleanup is Half the Battle in Covington Office

When commercial water damage happened in this Covington office, the technicians from SERVPRO worked to ensure that disruptions to the office were limited and they covered the undamaged furnishings during the mitigation.

SERVPRO dehumidifiers and air movers

A Little Valve in Slidell Leaves a Lot of Commercial Water Damage

A Slidell property had a valve burst and the result was standing water affecting six areas as well as carpet with commercial water damage. Using a total of 18 air movers and 11 dehumidifiers, the technicians dried the carpet in place.

Equipment Ready for any type of call

SERVPRO is ready for any type of restoration emergency.  They can respond quickly with professional drying equipment along with dehumidifiers, air movers and other equipment for your water, mold, fire or storm emergency. 

Hospital Water Loss

The hospital pictured here had a water loss and called us to repair the damage. Our team was quick to respond and we were able to completely dry up all the water and repair the damage to the facility.

Doing The Job Right

Our team is trained to do everything necessary to make sure that no moisture is left behind that could encourage microbial growth. In this image, you can see we have removed the tile in this bathroom to make sure we can properly remove the excess water.

Leaking Air Conditioning Unit

The air conditioning unit in this image developed a heavy leak that caused water damage to several surrounding rooms. Our team responded quickly and was able to make the necessary repairs in a short amount of time.

Fans In Common Area

These fans were placed in the common area of an office after a water loss to help dry up the excess moisture. Once that process is complete, we are able to begin repairing the damage.

Air Scrubber For Proper Filtration

Air scrubbers like the one you see in this picture are often used to remove moisture from the air, but can also remove other things as well, such as odors. In this case, we are removing moisture from this office that suffered a water loss.

Commercial Drying Equipment

This facility suffered a water loss and our team responded with the proper equipment for removing the moisture from the facility. Here, you can see a HEPA filtered air scrubber that we used during the process.